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 Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter

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Rubella Sims

Rubella Sims

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PostSubject: Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter    Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2014 11:39 pm

Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Alison_DiLaurentis
+ Character Name- Rubella sims
But can be called ru, rube, or bella
+Age- 25
+Gender -female 
+Race- shapeshifter
+Sexuality- straight of course 
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image257
+Character description- Rubella is a girly girly at the least and a course beautiful. She has long blonde hair that comes to her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright blue which like a clear blue ocean. She is 5"3 and she has a small frame. She loves to where boots or heels and skinny jeans. She wears dresses mostly. Her skin is tanned from her mother who was Italian. Her wolf though is a completely white. It also has her blue eyes but it stands at 5"6. But she is a feisty one in this stage, so watch out she might snap back
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image147
+Character Personality - She is bubbly a feisty at the same time. By bubbly I mean she is full of life, she is loves to make friends and have a fun time. She like cheering people up even if she down plus Rubella has a heart for others. Also if your looking for feisty then don't cross the you went to her bad side line. If you hurt her or any of her friends she could give you a butt whooping, but she would mostly chew you out.
+Back Story -  one day in autumn, a four year old girl was skipping down the sidewalk as her parents called for her to slow down. Rubella smiled as she stopped and held her parents hands and they walked her to school. Her elementary school life wasn't all cupcakes and lollipops since she wasn't the most cutest kid of them all. Two years later when she was in middle school her features and appearance started to change greatly. Plus her parents started to notice too and pulled her out of school.
Later in her high school years, you expect her tending high school right but no, Rubella was "home schooled" but it was to prepare her for her first transformation. The only time she could enjoy life was at night. But her sixteenth birthday was special since  it was time for her first transformation.  Her mother took Ru down to their basement Nd tied her with chains, after this move her mom walked out without a word. Later on that night her body begin to quiver and shake. Her body seem to grow white fur, she breaker away from the chains and let out a powerful howl. Later in the years, she moved out and now on her own looking for a new adventure. 
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image148
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image145
+Example post-
The sunny air swarmed over Rubella's face as she sat on a bench, reading a map. She wore a blue sundress with white heels, as her sunglassed eyes looked closely to the lines and the key on the map. As the bus pulled up Ru sighed, lifting her feet onto the stars and into a pale green seat. The warm heat lingered and Stayed trapped in the bus, once it got to her stop, Ru took her maps out of her purse. "It says to go this way..." She said heading down an alleyway. Following the map she turned the corner and saw a group of guys lounging around, looking up she pressed her lips together," umm, I better turn around so I bett-" soon two guys grabbed her arms. Okay she surely not gonna cry like some people would and out of nowhere she kicked one in the knee and punched one in the stomach. She she repeated the moves receiving a few scratches. Walking out if the alley with the map Rubella walked out calmly and with a smile.
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Tumblr_m875tubH3T1rwxpsao1_500
Rubella and Andriana

Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image218
One day in Verona, Rube was on her own no one to lean on. Soon she met andi and they click just like that. They told each other secrets and troubles. They still are finds to this day.
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image220

Rube: I'm Flirty.
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image266

Andi: I'm geeky
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image268

~ Rubella & Justin ~
Young and in love <3
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image222
It started at your regular high school day, Rubella's friend well only best friend in high school was waiting at her locker as always. At school they are known as rebels and they would play music in the woods as it wasn't allowed where they lived.
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image223
On that same day, while they was in the woods Justin looked at her and said," rube this hard to say, but I have feelings for you." Twisting her blonde hair , rubella smiled." It's about time you had asked me." She kissed his lips lightly and they be together ever since. Once she started home schooling they where torn, but managed to sneak out, they are still boyfriend and girlfriend today.
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image225
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image242
these rebels don't play around when it comes to love.<3

Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image227

Nothing will ever break them apart, they knew it from the start

Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image259
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image229
Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter  Image243
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Rubella Sims ~ shapeshifter
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