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 Asael Nhanas - Vampire

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PostSubject: Asael Nhanas - Vampire   Asael Nhanas - Vampire I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2014 3:36 am

Character Name: Asael Nhanas

Alias: Asa, Sael, Anghel, Fleischaker

Age: Apparent Age is 21, True Age is 350

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Can swing both ways, depends on what he needs.

Race: Vampire; Turned

Natural Standard Abilities; 
1: Enhanced Strength, Speed, Reflexes, and Senses.
2: Anticoagulant Saliva
3: Glamour - Basic Form of Hypnosis
4: Enhanced Lifespan
Alterior Powers;
1: Retractable Fangs
2: Mask - Ability to hide what you really are from both Humans and even some Vampires.

Character Description: 5'4" in Height, 110 Lbs in Weight, Silky soft medium length Pitch Black hair, Pale skin with a slender yet slightly muscular build and a pair of almost luminescent Jade Green eyes. He wears a cotton black tank top with the yellow batman symbol on it, black khakis, a pair of black and yellow skater shoes and no socks.

Character Personality: He can be seemingly rather Timid and Shy upon the surface, a "Damsel in Distress" that puts a person at ease around him if they do not know the Nature that lies beneath. He tends to stutter quite a bit when he speaks, even when he is completely confident in himself. He tends to be rather quiet, concealing the deep hatred that he bares for certain individuals that bare resemblance of his Father and tends to hunt them with a merciless rage.

Back Story: Born to a pair of seemingly rather unlucky Parents, his Mother died upon his third birthday and as a result, his Father succumbed to the drink. As he grew up, he began to both fear and resent the man that should have been taking care of him. Avoiding beatings, bottles and the constant verbal abuse that came from his Father would give him a good amount of experience in sneaking around the house. As he grew older, things would slowly become worse and worse, in all basics he now had to fend for himself whenever he was hungry or needed something. It wasn't something that he could control, not for the lack of trying, having had begged his Father on multiple occasions to stop his irrational behavior and to start acting like the man that he should be.

 As he reached his twenty first birthday, he would be upon a rooftop of a 20 story when a shadow had appeared behind him, approaching him and gripping him by the front of his throat and pushing him over the edge. It was then that the man now in front of him was going to end his existence, but Asaels accepting attitude intrigued him for some odd reason. Asael, as a matter of fact, had been planning on jumping. So the man gave him a choice: He could either let go and let him fall from the roof, or, he could give him a new life...something that could offer him so much more. It was a choice that he had no problem in making.

Asael Nhanas - Vampire Slave_boy_by_lillithlight-d4xtcdt

Example Post: ~From the shadows of the starlit night, a small slenderine figure would slip forth, seeming to materialize from the blackness of the dark. Shoulder length silky black hair would slip over his face, framing a pair of deep luminescent Jade Green eyes. A small slender finger would slip over a set of a lusciously light pink lips to have the tip bitten, a tiny little trickling of blood slipping down along the joints. A shadow would be standing behind him, just out of the light enough to barely see the outline. Slowly, the young man already in the light, would begin to walk forwards across the nearly abandoned street, a few cars parked along both of the sides of the road.

It seemed that he was walking towards one place in particular; a rather shoddy looking house that looked as if it was falling apart. It looked rather creepy in the dark of the night, the creaks of the structure even more audible to his ears than they had been before. As he ascended the set of mock stone steps that led up to the front porch, his boot steps light and barely able to be heard as he approached the front door. A small hand would slip slender fingers into the front pocket of a pair of black Khakis, selecting a dull golden key and bringing it out to slip it into the doorknob as he pushed the screen door open. The tumblers would fall and click into place as he turned the key, pulling it back out and putting it back into his pocket.

As he now turned the doorknob, the door would creak open slowly. The sound would seem to rouse the figure that seemed to be lazing about upon the couch that was visible from the front door. A voice would then sound from the living room: "Where the heck have you been!?" The young man would cringe slightly at the sound of the voice, the luminescent Jade Green eyes closing tightly for a moment before the soft sounds of a deep breath being taken would bring his head back to face forwards, his eyes opening up and an entirely different look held within them.

Slowly, he would take his first step within the front hall, his objective to get past the living room doorway. This would, however, fail, as a large imposing, phantasmal silhouette would invade the hall in front of him, striking a soul-wrenching dread into the boy. He did NOT want to face him. Not now. Not here.

The man would speak again, his words slurred and his breath reeking of his favoritely selected liquor: a McCormick Vodka. "Ain'tscha gonna anshwer your old man?! I done ashked you a queshtion!" Apparently it had been saved for a while because it had a deeper smell than a fresh bottle would. The boy grimaced and backed away as the front door swung shut behind him, speaking softly, his tone a slightly melodic nature: "I-I..was out on a walk.."

How he hated his Father, the smell alone making the man a pungent mess if that was the only thing that one were to look to. If one were to look beyond him they would see the multitude of bottles and cans, all reeking of some kind of alcohol or other. This was more likely than not, the most imperfect attempt at a Parental being that a person could possibly be. Oh how he wished this man dead. The man would seem to sneer and scoff at him as he swayed forwards: "Bah! You're lying ta me boy!"

(I want to put in alot more but I don't want to take up too much of anyones time ._.)
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PostSubject: Re: Asael Nhanas - Vampire   Asael Nhanas - Vampire I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2014 5:06 pm

Approved, thanks for joining!
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Asael Nhanas - Vampire
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