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 Scarlet Hale - Vampire

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Scarlet Hale

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PostSubject: Scarlet Hale - Vampire   Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:48 am

Name: Scarlet Eliza Hale
Age: Looks: 23 (60 years old)
Gender: Female -looks down at the girls- Yup female
Specimen: Vampire (turned)
Sexuality: Straight (engaged to Sebastian)

Scarlet has a beautiful heart shaped face, complimented by two piercing emerald green hues. A straight nose and strong jawline, soft full pink lips are placed near those two features. Being a vampire she has a milky and rose complexion. Two curves against the side of her abdomen as well as a decent size bottom. below are slim shapely legs that give her a stature of 5'5. Her long golden blonde hair was cut as she didn't like that type of hairstyle anymore. Oh and one more thing this girl is a class A mind reader

Scarlet is a charmer for sure, and she is rather playful. However, don't let this side fool you she is a fiery side that she shows often not caring who you are. You can be the Queen of the world and she will still back sass you. Always speaking her mind she will be completely honest, if she doesn't like you she will tell you why. Of course this rude lass can hardly control her anger at times and she usually is the one to cause conflict and chaos which makes her that much pleasant. Though, one soul has been able to tame the wild flower and she'd to anything for him, Sebastian...

Oh, gosh, where can I even begin oh I know at the beginning. Scarlet and her twin sister Spencer have always been a pair and her father had loved them very much. He was a wealthy man and owned half of their Canadian hometown. He struck oil and well they have been set ever since. Living in luxury and find dinning they were treated like princesses. Though the terrible duo had soon began to shift into either small kittens or larger felines. They caused havoc over the city killing many people just for the sport. They stroke fear into the lives of many, soon their father married and everything was fine until she learned that her husband was going to leave the will to the twins. Of course this fired their step mother up and she soon had to get rid of them. Easy enough by their sixteenth birthday she planned to poison them but the chef had taken a bite of the poisonous  cuisine and died on impact. Luckily the guards didn't accuse their mistress of all people. The two twins were taken into extreme care and finally she knew just how to get rid of them. 

Asleep she had her own guards go into their room smearing blood on their face and hands. In the morning they woke up with a start as they saw blood on them. Instantly they smelt it and knew it wasn't their own but once they found out whose they rushed to their father's chambers noticing the scratches against his body as well as his heart ripped out. Their step mother accused them making them run for the hills. It's not safe to say that they were hunted after by their ex-fiancé's Aeros and Alec. Running from their home and all they knew they were separated for months at a time without each other Scarlet took on her kitten form being a simple black cat for five more years until she found someone. She was in the first dimension and lived off of people's scraps who would feed or take in the poor kitten. 

One night digging threw trash she was caught by dogs that started to chase after her. She ran right up a male's leg and luckily enough he helped saved her from those beast. She had become his companion for a while keeping with him as a talking cat. Though soon after she showed him her other self a beautiful human side to her. Passing out their mother's minions had caught onto her and attacked Sebastian who graciously saved Scarlet's life. Though she was starting to fall for him... Hard in love one thing was standing in her way. Another mistress had already took a fancy to him but she continued to stick by him and soon enough she won. Valkery left and the two of them were finally able to see together. They dated for a long time and soon enough the two of them were in love. Sadly a tragic event happened and Scarlet's life ended. She was finally slaughter by her mother's beast as well as her twin sister. 

Making it to the afterlife she was alone for awhile flirting it up but she remained a faithful werecat and slept with no one. Finally many months of searching she found him and reunited the two of them finally got hitched and now are starting their life together. Currently working on their new baby who should be arriving any minute. 

Sebastian and Scarlet

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Scarlet Hale - Vampire
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