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 Aeronac Ashford - Vampire (WIP)

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Aeronac Ashford

Aeronac Ashford

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PostSubject: Aeronac Ashford - Vampire (WIP)   Aeronac Ashford - Vampire (WIP) I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 29, 2014 9:14 am

Character Name: Aeronac Ashford
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Vampire
Powers: Transformation, Mind Control, Object Manipulation

At first, he may come off as rude or cold, to many he is that way. Aero fears that if he lets someone in that he will end up losing them or driving them away from him. Only one person outside of his family ever managed to slip inside his barriers and see his true self, now that girl is gone... Ever since he lost contact with her and their daughter Aeronac had brought his wall up once more. Most of the time he keeps to himself but will occasionally socialize even if he really does not feel up to it entirely, its just a way for him to stay sane.

Appearance: Being a pale vampire isn't all that bad. Sure he could use a little bit more color but he has the looks that could make all women go head over heals for him no matter their preference. When his cold, devilish gaze meets another, chills drive down their spines, his perfectly sinister, bad-boy grin to die for. honestly, he could have any woman he wanted but by looking over at them. Aeronac keeps his hair long and constantly is dying it back and forth between brown and black. Booth look great on him with those nearly black eyes of his.

Back Story: Being born to a god-like family of vampires, Aeronac is actually a twin, his brother Sventhos is his counter part; the yin to his yang. The two were completely different in personality yet identical aside from their hair color. Sven was more like their father, Adonis, who was a kind hearted man with wavy, brown locks. Aeronac gained their mother's dark hair color and unpleasant personality. Both twins grew up with everything being handed to them and lived in the lap of luxury, yet, they did not become spoiled brats. Sven and Aero were well behaved and had manners. All seems perfect right? Dyvanti , their mother, used Adonis. She never wanted her children but it was the only way to keep Adonis and force him to stay with her. All she desired was his wealth so having Sven and Aero would tie them together. As soon as Dyvanti announced her pregnancy, Adonis knew that he couldn't leave her, he didn't want to if their were children involved, and so not a month later were they wed. They had been engaged before and had everything all planned but had also gotten into a huge argument which broke them up.

It was not until the boys were in their teens did Adonis figure out just what plans his wife had for him, she planned on turning Aero and Sven against their father, enough to make them kill him. Demented, yes. However, nothing went as planned and as soon as Adonis was aware, he made sure that Dyvanti was sent away to an imprisonment where she could no longer harm any of them.

Aeronac and his brother moved around quite a bit after that and never stayed anywhere too long. Down in the First Dimension, they had a lovely manor and lived there for not even a week before their lives were about to have another turn of events. This one though, was for the better. A girl had arrived at their home escaping the elements outside, Sven of course allowed her inside and welcomed her to dinner that had been prepared not long before. Aeronac at first didn't like her and gave the girl the cold shoulder while Sven was trying to make her feel at ease. It took quite a long time before Aero even talked to her in a civil manner, and it only took one night for him to want her. You see, Aeronac has uncontrollable bursts to go out and kill and it is always humans, one night he had gone out with that intent and while checking the beach to catch a few people from the bonfire party, he caught Kyra. One thing lead to another and for some reason he couldn't resist her, she was completely nude when he found her which more than likely was the reason behind it. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to use the 'pull-out' method. Months later they had welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world, Maci, was the name Aero gave her.

-More to come-
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Aeronac Ashford - Vampire (WIP)
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