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 Warner Mason | Demon | Profile

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Warner Mason

Warner Mason

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PostSubject: Warner Mason | Demon | Profile   Warner Mason | Demon | Profile I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 8:24 pm

Name: Warner Dean Mason

Age: Too old to remember.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Preferably women, but doesn't mind others.

Race: Demon


  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Projecting Images
  • Telekinesis

Appearance: Coated in a gifted color of the sun's kiss, the male is exceedingly dashing, and built strong and hard as fitted into a gifted, demonic body. Life has carved the worse into him, beating him to his hardest and building him into what his father would've rightfully wanted in his offspring. His eyes are reflected from an iridescent green light, shined brightest during the daylight, but pooled to a glow, much like a glow-stick during the forbidden nights. The form of his hair is naturally spiked upwards, not needed for gel at all thankfully. Within the color is a light brown, almost blonde perhaps, and blended further towards the roots fades to a darker wood-like color. His height is "6,3", and he weighs at 280lbs, standing firmly on two feet like the rest around him and when rarely ever seen, spread at a wingspan of forty feet are two black and golden lined wings stretched behind him.

Personality: Warner in most cases is considered a charmer, as given by his brute-like family line of men, he is also quite devious with the plans he seeks. Habits of his are most likely to occur around women. He tends to find his eyes wandering over a maiden's form and it is sometimes hard to determine what he thinks of someone. At a majority, he hates a lot of people, but that is just the demon side of him. Deep down, there is a flicker of hope, though he keeps it tucked away to those that might see it. The demon is also very dependent, and often chooses the road that will most likely give him power, or a sorts of control. Being said, Warner has always been the leader-type, and prefers what could give him the advantage.



Even though the wise one has tried to forget a countless amount of times, the dark memories shall always return and haunt him. He had been born and raised by a single mother under the watch of none other than the spirits to what hid in the walls, the secrets of which tucked into the house's corners. As an offspring of many from Lucifer himself, the young boy grew strong and healthier than a mortal might believe. The mother unfortunately was but an innocent woman under the influence that the man she spent the night with was just another, but it was he the demon to whom ran through the boy's bloodstream. Lucifer had cast himself to appear less evil and dark so that he would blend with the ground, feeding off the lives of the innocent and planting his seed wherever a woman would catch his stone black eyes in his sights.

Needless to say, the potential life of a young maiden came upon his presence in the dead of night, falling helplessly into his hands like putty. She had fallen for the Great Demon's charm and fell head over heels beneath his power to manipulate the pure, taking her away to his quarters and doing as he pleased with her as the moans of her very throat filled the room. As his deed was then done, dawn had set in and the dark leader was in need to return to his fiery haven in the depths of the ground. Satan's worshipers welcomed him with a sinister grin and load screech of cackles before being pushed to the lava covered grounds and scurried away so that the King of Hell could return to his thrown.

Life grew on and so did the growth of the morning star's son, pressing his power to those who submitted to him and creating demons across the world to join him in the facade. He had been named Warner, meaning defender - a name given from his mother that she had learned to love for long as she believed there was greatness in him. She had not known that her son was a demon, and nor had he for the longest of times before signs of the Hell's leader started to unveil and haunt the mere mortal to higher degrees where she ended up giving him to an adoption center. The boy did not show any signs of happiness unless someone was hurt, or punished. Everyone that was rebellious and reckless that surrounded him made him feel warm and almost pleased, for Satan lived within him, just as some religions believed that Christ lived within them. It was strange factor to possess, but the boy could not fight whatever it was and knew by the time of Lucifer's return that his revelation would be uncovered.

The discovery of what he was began when he was only a young adult. The father had returned with the news when no one had seen the boy leave his quarters and soon enough the Devil had him within his perimeter of darkness. In the shadows he was taught many things and taken to many places, as it was an ability for Lucifer to control what he so sinisterly made in the human realm so that he could teach the boy what all he needed to know before using his power to destroy the world just yet. He had the power of Satan to do it, but so he did not, as Lucifer strictly forbidden his hand upon the child so that his powers could not exceed to those levels of destruction. It was as if he were reprimanded by the ruler himself that he could not use his powers for the source of ending the mortal world, but keep it alive so that his race could feed and survive off the sins of man. The Devil did as he wished with this and wished his boy a goodbye before pushing him away and turning his back around to slink into the dark depths and beyond.

From that point on, Warner survived many years on his own. To many woman what would be given his seed in the joyful nights, the devil's son would move about the years while stuck on the human realm. He observed the ways of the idiotic race and met many of other species. A typical favorite of his was the ones that phased into the dead of night to resemble into the bodies of wolves - werewolves, and their mere rivalry between the bloodsuckers; the vampires, even made it more fascinating for the demon to study. Thousands of thousands of years lay over his shoulders.

Despite his outlook and deathly past, he was scorned with the mark of Lucifer. If it hadn't of been for his mother of being a whore and pathetic wench to carry til the Devil's due, he wouldn't of been born, but inside Warner was clouded and drowned in the darkness to what the Father put there. What a sad life may he say, but what could of that could he really do but live the life in killing and murdering the innocent? Eventually once in a while Warner would visit the depths of Hell and make his presence known along with the other gatherings of his brothers and sisters. There were several of them from across the world. Angels to what have phased sides to join his Father in the fight between good and bad. The only thing that could beat him thus far to living so long was not the notice of death, but the thrill of watching a mortal die at his feet.

Example Post:
The sound of birds calling to each other and pitter-patter of feet by what was presumed a hare across the ground made the ears of a tan brute switch directions towards the position of the sounds. Morning dew covered the grass in a light layer, evaporating into colorless gas that calmed the nerves of almost anyone. He trotted along the forest’s beaten path, exchanging a glance left and right to admire the terrain’s new suit of spring. The skies were clear, not a cloud in sight and bluer than the water of the creek. Never had he seen such a vibrant blue in the sky this season. Since the season of life came into action, the land had flourished into something not only beautiful but instantly welcoming to new members he wished to accept at the dividing line. It was always nice to greet new members and by how small the Bruin pack was, they would need all the support they could get.

The wolf tried to remain quiet with his actions, but trying to keep the sound of his feet booming was practically pointless. At least he could run fast enough or he would more or less die of starvation. The brute released a defeated sigh, descending his haunches to meet the damn Earth’s floor. His light brown tail curled around his side, tapping the ground impatiently for no reason at all. The goal he had in mind was to visit the creak instead of dilly dallying. Why he stopped he could not answer for he did not have a reason behind it. He could say he was tired but it was a rare occasion according to him that he would ever say that. His decision was decided, and he began his journey again. Maybe this time there would be someone waiting for him, and if not he could always grab a drink before running back.
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Sebastian Malvagio
Sebastian Malvagio

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Warner Mason | Demon | Profile Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warner Mason | Demon | Profile   Warner Mason | Demon | Profile I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 10:31 pm

Approved! Welcome to SA, hope you enjoy your time here!
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Warner Mason | Demon | Profile
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