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Laney Galvan

Laney Galvan

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PostSubject: -Laney Galvan-   -Laney Galvan- I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26, 2014 2:13 am

Character Name : Laney Alexandra Galvan
Age: 19 years of age!
Gender: Female!
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Race: Werecat mmmmhm! 
Powers: (WIP sorta)
Character Description -  Laney is everything her "family" isn't; she's a misfit amongst them, a shadow in the back ground of a pretty picture. While she has milky skin they have caramel like skin; they're perfect and she's not. Now, her adopted family tried to convince her otherwise though her thoughts would never change. Laney is a petite young adult standing just about 5'7; height was never on her side. She has, or had a lovely body with plump mounds until however, she gained an obsession of hers. Now. hidden underneath the large clothing she wears such as sweaters and big shirts, she's nothing but  a skeleton; a simple bag of bones. Yes, the girl has anorexia, though she likes to tell herself that she has it under control; that she can save herself when needed to. As for what her hair used to be, well, Laney used to have long mud-brown hair that never matched her face, so she dyed it something different and unusual, something that would match her, so she dyed her hair snowy white and it's been that way since she could remember.  
Character Personality - It's amazing what a smile could hide. Laney Alexandra Galvan is a sorrowful, depressed little thing with sad past. She blames herself for every thing that has gone wrong in her life and continues to blame herself over things she secretly knows wasn't her fault. Though inside she's a complete mess, Laney keeps a smile on her face and never hesitates to help others; she sweet in simpler words. She shoves away her worries when others are in need just to deal with them when she was alone in her tiny apartment. She doesn't like needing help, mainly because she's so used to doing things by herself it never occurs to her that there might be someone just a phone call away; she independent and soft, almost like a china doll with a fewk cracks...It's easier to put it this way, Laney is killing herself, forcing herself to starve though now it comes easy! Food is never on her mind and when it is, the thought it shoved away and easily forgotten. 
Back Story -  She wasn't even a year old when her mother passed away; child birth. Some mistakes were made an' Anjelica Miller died just shortly after her daughter was born. Wayne tried to raise the child by himself though she was difficult; he didn't know what Anjel was, though she had been planning on telling him..though of course, she died. Laney was a crazy child who refused to sit down for a second. She didn't notice that she was driving the male insane, until one day he hung himself with a little apology letter; as every parentless child, she was sent to an orphanage until later she was adopted by a sweet family who wanted another child, though not one that directly belonged to 'em. So that's where Laney found herself for so many years. At the Galvan's until well, she graduated high school; after that she left their warm embraces to settle on her own. The next chapter of her life starts and ends quickly with a boy named Alex, who seemed to take a fancy to our lil' miss Laney, though relationships never last long with Laney; she was too secretive with her boy/girlfriends, hell she never let them touch her body. She was always so afraid that they'd leave her if they saw the scars and how skinny she was getting...she loved them all too much to show them. Virgin? Maybe she is, maybe she isn't, no one knows but her, but she knows one day she'll give herself up to the right one, but good things don't come right away, so she's patient as she continues on her life to adult hood. 
Please include a photo(s) : Click 'ere please!   Clicky again!  Click one last time!

Example Post: (From another site c:) Bringing the foam cup to her lips, Raven ignored the burning sensation of the warm liquid as she drank, though the cold, sinking feeling in her stomach wouldn't leave. At first she thought this was some dream, but after that test, she knew it was true. She was happy yet highly disappointed with her self, and those two feelings didn't mix well together. Together the two feelings battled for dominance, and sadly, disappointment seemed to be winning. Setting the cup down with a bitter expression, Raven wiped at her watery eyes with the sleeve of her sweater. To sum it all up, the female was a mess. With barely any make up on, a clouded, depressed expression and baggy clothes, well, she looked just as she felt. Biting down on to her lip, Raven shook her head for what seemed like the thousandth time. "I'm pregnant!"She whispered to herself, sighing. Never would she imagine those words slipping out of her mouth, yet here she was. Sitting in a small booth at a coffee shop, wondering how this happened. For days she felt perfectly fine until, well, she didn't feel fine at all. Of course, the thought never hit her that she could be lugging around a child until she went through her memories. 

She never felt so stupid in her life before. Of course, there were options for Raven, but those were things she could never do. To take someones life away..when that child belonged to you? No, it wasn't human. It wasn't right. Not to Raven. So with an abortion ruled out, that left two other things. Adoption, or, she could keep it. And then, there was her baby daddy. It wasn't just up to her. She needed to talk to him, especially when he was in the dark in this  situation. Kazuma needed to know about their little mistake. Mistake? The word tugged at her heart strings. Would this child grow up thinking it was a mistake? Just the thought brought her to tears. She knew all to well what it felt like to grow up feeling unloved. Leaning back into the leathery seat, Raven glanced around the nearly empty place, wondering what she should do.Perhaps Kazuma didn't need to know? No. He needs to know. It was all so confusing. The two were barely just becoming good friends and poof! This happens. And if things couldn't get any worse, Raven was practically to blame. She wasn't even that drunk that night. Kazuma, well, he was. She could have stopped herself, or, grab some rubber. Did she? Hell no she didn't! If she did this whole mess could have been prevented. 

Glaring down at her phone which lay on the table, she contemplated whether to call the male or not. If she did it now, she could get it all over with without carrying the secret around. Or, she could wait until she really felt comfortable with the situation. Which would take a couple more days, but at least she'd be ready. Clinking her venom piercing against her teeth, the female finally reached for her phone, quickly unlocking it before she hesitated on her 'contacts' list. Maybe this wasn't such a well thought-through plan. Clearing away the thoughts with a growl/huff, Raven quickly scrolled down to his name before she brought her phone up to her ear, listening to ringing before she demanded his presence here at the little coffee shop, explaining nothing except that it was very important.
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Sebastian Malvagio
Sebastian Malvagio

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PostSubject: Re: -Laney Galvan-   -Laney Galvan- I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 27, 2014 5:34 pm

Approved lovely Rave c:
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-Laney Galvan-
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