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 Kyra Moon

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Kyra Moon

Kyra Moon

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PostSubject: Kyra Moon   Kyra Moon I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 4:42 pm

Character Name Kyra Moon
Age: looks 24 is about 200 years old
Gender: Female
Race: Hybrid
Sexuality: Lez be honest here
Character Description - Mmmm where to begin the with the pretty young lass. She has long flowing brown hair. Gorgeous brown eyes lovely long eye lashes. Her pink lips are irresistible. Her fangs show over her lips most of the time. Her teeth are as white as freshly fallen snow. Males would die to be with her while females would die to be her. She isn't really on the curvy side, yes she has a bubble butt and her bra size is only a 36B not that she cares she is more like a guy then anything. She is glad to have a small rack. She is thin but muscular she ways about 125 majority is her muscle mass. Her stomach is rock hard. And if you pay very close attention you will notice all the scares that line her boy, some very visible and others that you wouldn't be able to see unless you where up close. Her lip is pierced, she has her septum done, tongue ring, and a belly piercing. She doesn't remember how big her gauges are. She has her Tragus done on one side. She also has some sweet tattoos. One is special to say the least 
Character Personality - She is quitter than most.  She isn't really shy just not much of a talker I guess, unless she knows you then she shall talk your ear off in away. She is normally nice and will help and one whom truly needs it. Kyra is very protective of her friends and family. She cares more about her friends and family than she does herself. Mess with feel her bark fuck with her family an friends you better started digging your own grave. Indeed she has a bad bad temper but she has that under wraps. But if she does become enraged I would move out of her way cause all she sees is black. She is slightly afraid of males
Back Story - Kyra doesn't remember much about when she was a toddler, she remembers growing up in a small house in the woods though with her grandmother and baby sister. At the age of about 14 15 she went out into the woods, finding herself surrounded by some male hunters. They hurt her in ways she could not begin to explain, or want to. In the end all four hunters where killed by her and she is enable to have children to her knowledge. That was also the day that she learned about her powers.
Please include a photo(s) http://www.freehdwall.com/2013/01/amazing-photo-beauty-girl-with.html http://data1.whicdn.com/images/39874779/tumblr_mbqtejWuke1ri04r3o1_500_large.jpg  http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_legrt3oNeS1qg2r87o1_400.jpg 
Example Post - Looking around she was sniffing at the air. She never did understand on why her senses where so much grater than then the average person’s. Smelling what she thought where men she looking around to see that there where to in a tree and two on the ground she smiled lightly at them. “Why hello there,” she spoke softly in a voice that mesmerized everyone. She heard one of them ask why there was a young lass in the forest by herself. When know one spoke she just smiled. Then some thoughts came in to her mind ‘She is such a little beauty,’ the thoughts had to come from somewhere else cause she never thought so. That was when the same voice in her head had spoke out loud, “You are a cutie aren't ya?” She knew it was him cause the voice was the same then another thought came into her head but a different voice ‘I would like to try this little lass out,’ looking around she was confused one what that was to mean? The man whom had though had spoke softly to the guy next to him “Want to take her for a test drive?” Kyra knew about cars she was pretty handy with them, her grandmother had taught her a lot about them. “What kind of car is it?” Kyra asked softly to them. They looked at her shocked and puzzled. She figured they where wondering how they heard her and it made her giggle a little but she did not explain how she knew.

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Sebastian Malvagio
Sebastian Malvagio

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PostSubject: Re: Kyra Moon   Kyra Moon I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 5:00 pm

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Kyra Moon
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