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 Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie!

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Dahlia Adams

Dahlia Adams

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PostSubject: Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie!   Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 12:16 am

Name: Dahlia Estelle Adams

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality Orientation: Straight

Race: Werewolf

Specializations: Death Seekers & Elemental Manipulation

Appearance: For the young beauty herself, she is decently tall and a bit below the average weight of her age, however, that never stops her from believing greater. Her hair flows against her pack in smooth lochs of white and dyed along them some streaks of ocean blue. Her eyes are the same blue of her hair and rimmed around her pupils are golden flecks, which are brought out whenever she is most happy or either in her other form as a wolf. As for her wolf form, it resembles the same color as her hair, even if her human hair is not natural, it has always suited her. Her lashes run long to cascade over her eyes as she most sometimes likes to hide them from the world, but there usually is always a smile or cheeky grin across her face.

Personality: The little fae is quite the weird one, one might say. She tends not to be very doubtful, but is shy and girlish, even for her more matured age. When drunk, she becomes rather dazed than foolish, and usually ends up on the floor of a bar, than elsewhere like some. Dahlia is sweet and caring with others, and does not judge them wrongly unless given a real reason. She is very funny and intelligent, even though she sometimes covers it with stupid comments and stutters a bit when frightened, just like some girls would.

Human Photo:

Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! Caqz
Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! Hwgl
Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! Ljum
Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! 9n4x

Wolf Photo:
Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! K70e
Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! O98t

History:Dahlia was born to be an experiment. Her parents had believed when she was younger that even for her being a purebred that she was somehow possessed, like as if they had done something wrong and she was in need of 'special' care. They had taken her somewhere far, into the hands of scientists and owners of an azylum, there she stayed in a white room throughout a majority of her life. She was put through many tests and never really received what one would say is the 'average' teenage lifestyle. The girl was too young to understand half the things that went on, and often cried herself to sleep with all the tests and shots she was prodded with before her own parent's guidance. They gave her no love, no care in the world as they watched their daughter go through so many of these things, and it was all because when she was little she would point at dark corners saying there was a 'man' there. Whether it was true or not, her behaviors around the strange corners grew with age and never seemed to of stopped, even now-a-days.

She began to see more figures that did not appear there to the human or immortal eyes. They feared that with time she would become mentally insane, but little did she know, that later in age she began to develop her 'powers'. Her parents however did not hold the potential of their daughter and never discovered her talent till it blew up in their faces - literally. At the night of her twelve birthday, Dahlia had awoken to a hard start and screamed bloody murder within the darkness of the white walled room, her blood seeping from her finger nails into the floor as her normal painted nails curled into long claws and her body bent into a complete arch as if she were being put into an exorcism. One scientist had taken the risk of shooting her with a tranq, but it was dodged with a sweep of her hand once the transformation was complete and her eyes pierced a glowing gold and blue. Blue flames curled around her arms as she stood at the room's center, a strange array of light to glow off behind her through the small window she had for air to the outside world. As she had no control over the power, her emotions got too ahead of her and the fire burst away from her arms and plummeted into the ground beneath the mental hospital, sending the lives of those with issues rightfully to their graves for she was the only one left to survive.

Example Post: Her shoes hit the pavement in a tapping rhythm in unison with another that echoed through the dark alley. The grey hood of her sweatshirt hid her features from the world, her hands in her front pockets. A sneaky smile lay lopsided on her face as she followed a common mortal. It was late fall, and winter was showing it’s hints of arrival at every corner throughout the city that never sleeps. The woman in front of her was petite, wrapped in a beige colored pea coat tightly around her figure.Dahla  however wasn’t cold, the sinister blood that ran through her bloodstream boiled, keeping her warm as she walked closer and closer to the lady.

At the alley’s opening, the woman took a dead left into the wide open of busy sidewalks filled with passing pedestrians. She stopped with a small squeak of her red sneakers. Damn it. She hissed through her teeth, exhaling a visible breathe into the icy air. Dahlia then reversed, turning around, back into the shadows in a slow jog. It was almost closing time at the Central Park, and she needed a place to take out her anger at another loss of a chance at another member. Her legs increased into a sprint, and a growl of aggravation rumbled in her throat. Now out of the alley, she ran passed more mortals, and across the street where the park was located. Dahlia turned her head in both directions for any staring faces. Noticing no one looking at her, she picked the lock and squeezed her small build inside.

Her hand pulled back her hood, revealing piercing green eyes. The woman’s body instantly shifted on the park’s sidewalk, sneakers turning into long claws, scraping the cement below her. Dahlia kicked her hind legs into the ground and she ran, feeling the brisk wind blow through her obsidian pelt. Averting her gaze to her right, a small bridge at the park's center crossed over a small stream. She took a dead right, running onto the bridge’s surface, to the highest point. Dahlia panted and lifted her head to the full moon in the black, star-free sky. At last, a loud howl roared out her windpipes, singing a song of power that symboled her greatness.
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Sebastian Malvagio
Sebastian Malvagio

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PostSubject: Re: Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie!   Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie! I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 1:46 am

Approved! Welcome to SA.
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Dahlia Adams ~ Werewolfie!
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