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 Rose's mansion

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Rose Torres


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PostSubject: Rose's mansion   Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:49 am

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Rose Torres


Posts : 15
Join date : 2014-01-29
Age : 19
Location : On earth

PostSubject: Re: Rose's mansion   Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:39 am

The house was quiet as always, which rose hated. The bored girl hopped off her sofa and headed upstairs with tiny footsteps. " might as well practice my magic or something like that." walking to the door, she slowly turned the knob and instantly a lab with a cauldron, and selves of books of magical love spells and bottles. Tossing her red hair back she walked in not even thinking of closing the door behind her as the tiny goddess skin turned pale and her tank top a sweat pants was now a beautiful white dress, plus small fang grew in her mouth. Going to the selves she began to search and soon found a book called the power of pleasure. She smirked and opened the dusty book. As her delicate fingers turn the old pages she found a spell that seem perfect to cure her boredom. Putting it on a table she began to get the ingredients. " dragon's tooth, petal of a Rose, and a bottle of mom's soul of heart." she soon moved through her chamber grabbing containers and bottles, and soon returned back to her station. She waved her hand over the cauldron and instant pink water appeared. Rose's narrowed her beautiful green hues to see the tiny print, first she add the bottle of the soul of heart. Then she dropped in the dragon's tooth and last she gently placed the petals of a Rose in the cauldron. Waving her hand again the mixture came together and was inserted into a small vile. Smirk she walked out of her dormain and closed the door. Snapping her french manicured nails rose's skin turned back tanned and her fangs disappeared. She is now wear blue jean short shorts, and a flowery, flouncy tank top that show a small bit of midriff and grey and white Vans covered her feet. The female goddess hair was straight as always. Putting the potion into her wrist bag, the 18 year old girl ran down the stairs and out of the house.

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Rose's mansion
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