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 Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP)

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Gabriel Blake

Gabriel Blake

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PostSubject: Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP)   Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP) I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 08, 2014 1:37 am

Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP) Newcreate.php?text=Gabriel%20Blake&name=under
Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP) 1zl7r89

NameGabriel Blake
GenderMale....wanna check?
Race; Hybrid. Half-god, Half-Human

Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP) Newcreate.php?text=Character%20Description&name=actionj
Gabriel's good looks are hereditary, with him being the son of Zeus, a Greek god. His chiseled features are somewhere in between that of a boy and a man. His face still holds traces of boyishness, from his youth, yet his features are slowly both hardening and sharpening. Gabe has a full head of messy, brown curls usually worn naturally. His eyes are two pools of stormy grey, a unique yet beautiful color. Beneath his eyes sits a straight nose, and beneath that two plush, pink lips. Gabriel is usually found sporting some facial hair, but nothing more serious than a week or so's stubble. Gabriel's body is very muscular, due to the fact that he regularly works out. His muscles are especially defined where his biceps and abdomen are concerned. Gabe is rather tall, standing a good bit above six feet. A few tatoos have been permanently placed upon his body, wrapping around his bicep, on top of his bicep, and on his forearm.

Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP) Newcreate.php?text=Character%20Personality%0A&name=actionj
--to be updated--

Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP) Newcreate.php?text=BackStory%0A&name=actionj

--to be updated--
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Gabriel Blake; Hybrid (WIP)
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