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 SA's Rules

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Sebastian Malvagio
Sebastian Malvagio

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SA's Rules Empty
PostSubject: SA's Rules   SA's Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2014 9:24 pm

God-modding & Power Playing will get you removed and banned right on the spot! This is not tolerated nor allowed under any circumstances! If you have something planned out ahead of time with another member, that's fine but if you have not told anyone else and they assume you were breaking rules be warned, you will be questioned.

Bullying & Harassment of any form have the same punishments and will not be tolerated either! If you wouldn't like it done to you, then don't do it to others! Plain and simple.

This is a fantasy/mythical creature kind of site and we do allow the occasional human, what we do not allow are plain ordinary animals such as wolves that have no powers, clan cats etc. If You can come up with a unique power or idea for one of those listed that will be fine. All creatures must have at least ONE power and a maximum of FOUR. However, you can say that your character's skill for a certain one was lost and they gained a new one in its place or switch your powers with Administration's approval.

Keep the explicit content a little low please, not everyone wants to know what you do under the sheets. As far as fighting, that's different, go as far as you would like unless someone is feeling uncomfortable about it, please respect their opinion and keep it light if they request such.

Each post must consist a minimum of at least ONE paragraph (since we are an all level role playing community). Add some detail with your posts, let the creativity flow. We do not expect every single post to be 1000 words or an entire book but please try to add as much detail to your posts as possible, those more experienced do get frustrated when they aren't given much to work with. Another thing... GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION & CAPITALIZATION. No one is perfect, but the more accurate you are the better. If you are unsure how to spell something please use a Spell Checker or ask someone, don't be afraid to.

Common Mistakes: Since I have placed them here, I should not see anyone using the wrong form of them in a post.

Your & You're:

''Your'' shows belonging, as in ''That's your book bag.".
"You're" is ''you are'' as in,''You're still coming to the party, right?" It shows a state of being.

There, Their & They're:

"There" means a place, as in,''Over there".
"Their" shows belonging, as in,''Wait, that's their property, not ours.".
"They're" is ''they are'', as in,''Yes, they're still in the area.''.

To, Two & Too:

"To" can be used in several ways, such as,''The letter was addressed to him.'' or ''She pulled her coat closer to her.'' Just a few examples.
"Two" symbolizes how many of something, like,''There were only two apples left.''
"Too" means as well, in addition to, etc. and can be used like so."Can they tag along too?"

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling: Please try to be as accurate as possible! If you dont know how to spell something please either use a spell checker or ask! Dont be afraid to ask!
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SA's Rules
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